Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Case 39 movie ending

The Case 39 movie feature an excellent movie ending. The devil movie will make you fear the evil from within the gates of Hell. Emily finds that her life is turned upside down soon after petitioning to become Lilith's foster parent. Lilith feeds on kindness.

In the Case 39 movie ending, moviegoers will begin to believe that evil seems impossible to destroy. If you haven't watched Case 39 yet, beware that you will be reading the movie ending below.

***Movie Spoiler***

Emily gives Lilith a cup of chamomile tea with sleeping medication. Her intentions are to put Lilith to sleep, so that she can set the house on fire to kill the demon girl. The girl is responsible for killing several people through her power or persuasion. Lilith is the devil in flesh.  

Soon after leaving Lilith's room, Emily immediately douses the home in gasoline. She sets the hallway on fire. Emily sits on the sofa watching her fish swim in the tank. The moviegoer assumes she will also meet her end with choosing to die as well. 

We see Emily walk out of the front door with her fish. She is relieved to watch her home burn with the demon child, putting an end to a frightening and tragic experience. 

Emergency services arrive on scene. An officer asks whether everyone escaped the home. Emily is in her own world, relieved that Lilith the demon girl is destroyed. She looks at an onlooking crowd to find Lilith is standing there. It is a moment of shock.  

Emily and Lilith drive off. While driving on the freeway, Emily asks what Lilith wants. Lilith begins to bring up Emily's mother and her upbringing. Emily drives at 80+. Lilith tells Emily to slowdown. 

The car weaves in and out of traffic. A diesel slides toward the car. Emily takes a chance to pass through the diesel, only to discover it's a mirage. Lilith is shaken up. The demon girl shows fear. 

Lilith thinks the experience is over. Emily decides to drive into the bay. Underneath the water, Emily sees Lilith transform into a demon. Emily pushes Lilith into the water. The demon fights Emily. 

Emily finally leaves the car. The demon grabs her leg. She kicks herself free, and then swims up to the surface. Emily sit on the dock, finally relieved this time that Lilith is dead. 

Bubbles rise up to the water surface. Emily grasps in fear Lilith will surface again. However, the bubbles disperse and the terror is now over. Emily finally got rid of the demon child that has killed so many people. She managed to confront her fears to defeat evil without using any religion. 

Emily's faith is likely tested after losing her two good friends. She saw eye-to-eye with the devil. The evil Lilith can no longer harm the living. As Lilith's parents claimed, the only way break free of Lilith is to kill her. Emily accomplished the ultimate sacrifice to save the future. 

Case 39 movie ending closes with a resolution. The evil demon girl is dead. She will not terrorize any family again. The creepy girl orders Emily to do as she says. It is an evil no person deserves. Watch Catch 39 to enjoy an excellent movie ending with a good resolution.         

The Last Exorcism movie ending

The Last Exorcism movie ending is a shocker. In the exorcist movie ending, the moviegoer assumes the end occurs when Reverent Cotton and the documentary crew leave the Sweetzer home. The Blues music plays to wrap up the movie.

The Last Exorcism movie ending is a frightening experience. It continues on to close all loose ends. If you haven't watched The Last Exorcism, please beware that you will be reading the movie ending.

**Movie Spoiler***

The Last Exorcism movie ending is terrifying. Cotton and the documentary crew leave the Sweetzer home after performing the last exorcism. They discuss Nell's need to seek psychological treatment. While on the road, Reverend Cotton asks Iris and Daniel about the name of the restaurant Logan works at.

Cotton and Iris question Logan. Logan tells the group that Nell is deceiving them. He admits has no interest in Nell, which he agree with Iris he is gay. Cotton and the crew rush back to the Sweetzer home. They find there are Satan stars painted on the bedroom walls.

Cotton and the crew hear a scream coming from the forrest. They rush out there to see what is going on. There is a satanic ritual taking place. Iris is afraid. She wants to leave. Michael agrees with her. Pastor Manley is leading a satanic worship. Nell screams. Louis is blindfolded and tied up. 

Manley' wife removes a demon specimen from Nell. Cotton identifies the creature as inhuman. The wife then throws the demon baby into the burning fire. The fire burns with evil energy and roaring sounds.

Cotton looks down at his cross, readying himself to save Nell. He begins to run out to the fire, shouting out biblical verses to save Nell. The devil worshippers spot the camera crew, yelling out they have a camera. Cotton is consumed into the flames, as depicted in Nell's drawing.

Michael and Iris frantically run through the forrest to escape. They are breathing heavily. The fear is intense. All of a sudden, Iris falls to the ground. A mysterious devil worshipper butchers her body into many piece, again as depicted in the drawing. 

Michael runs in another direction. He continues to maneuver in the forrest, possibly praying he is not going to meet the Iris's fate. His mind is racing a million beats a minute.   

Michael stops to catch his breath. He hears a noise, and then turns around. The brother Caleb Sweetzer appears in the frame. He takes a small ax and decapitates Michael's head, a prophecy made in the drawing prior to the last exorcism. 

The camera drops to the ground. It continues to film the dark space. The screen fades to black. The Last Exorcism movie features a terrifying movie ending. It will make the moviegoers jerk in their seat. The movie ending is unpredictable. We are tricked to think the movie will end after the last exorcism. 

The Last Exorcism movie ending is one that we hoped to watch in The Devil Inside. This exorcist movie is one of the best movie endings in an exorcism movie. It is the very terrifying. Be prepared to watch The Last Exorcism movie ending with caution because you will likely cringe.      

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Thing (2011) movie ending

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The Thing (2011) movie ending sets up the The Thing (1982). Thus, The Thing (2011) movie represents the prequel to the The Thing (1982) movie. Most horror movie fans will realize the movie ending to the newest movie is a prequel. The husky running away from the helicopter is a dead giveaway to the The Thing (1982) beginning.

***This Thing (2011) movie ending reveals the plot spoiler to the ending. If you haven't watched The Thing (2011) yet, beware of the plot spoiler.***

***Plot Spoiler*** 

 Kate and Sam leave the spaceship. The two killed Dr. Halvorson, which in his Alien form attempted to fire up the spaceship. The spaceship explodes.

Sam starts the truck. Kate opens the door, looks at Sam, and then hesitates to enter the vehicle. She surveys Sam, realizing there is something not right about him. She tells Sam that he is not himself.

Kate watches Sam prior to driving out to the spaceship. He is actually human then. She realizes Sam is Alien because his loop earring is missing. The Thing is unable to imitate gold, metal and fillings. Sam denies that he is an Alien to trick Kate into entering the truck.

Kate apologizes to Sam. She aims the flame-throwing device at him. Kate cooks Sam like smoked salmon. The last remains of The Thing are supposedly gone. Kate leaves the imitation Sam burning into dust. She starts up another vehicle, and then drive off in the snow storm.

Back at camp during the morning, we see a helicopter land. A helicopter pilot searches the camp site, calling out for anyone to respond.

Lars frantically appears out of nowhere. We previously assume Lars is dead. Lars yells at the helicopter pilot to chase after the dog. He mentions the dog must not get away. The two enter the helicopter.

The famous The Thing music begins. We connect the movie ending to the beginning of The Thing (1982). The infected dog runs away carrying The Thing virus. The helicopter flies after the dog. Lars shoots at the dog, missing The Thing with each shot.

The Thing movie ends, giving way to the The Thing (1982) opening scene.    

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Real Steel movie ending

The Real Steel movie ending is one of the best movie endings we've seen. You would never think a movie ending about a robot fighting another robot could make you feel good. It is a movie ending that produces strong emotions.

***Movie Ending Spoiler***

In the championship match against Zeus, Atom is getting crushed. Zeus is pounding Atom like a tin can. Somehow, Atom survives the first round. He is not in good shape, though operable. Zeus pulverized Atom with powerful punches.  

Atom lasts another round. He takes a brutal beating, but survives the next round. The underdog, Atom, is showing the champ that he can keep up with the best of the best.  

Prior to the last and final round, Atom's voice component is ruined. Max reveals to his father that Atom can see him. As a result, Max tells his father he must shadow box to control Atom. 

Zeus is pounding the metal out of Atom. Max shouts to his father to do something. Bailey speaks under her breath for Charlie to hold for the right time. Zeus begins to slow down his powerful punches, and then ceases.    

Charlie looks at his son Max, and says look kid. He is basically telling Max the time is now to pound on Zeus. Bailey mimics Charlie's moves as if she's shadow boxing herself. She connects to the fight like when Charlie lasted 12 rounds in a past boxing match. It is a magical moment.  

Max is proud of his father. Atom is pounding the metal out of Zeus. The sound bottoms out, and then is replaced with motivational music. We can see that Max is proud of his father.

Bailey looks at Max's joy. They share a special connection. Bailey begins to cry in joy. Max releases his tears, showing how his father is making him proud. Charlie is becoming the role model Max never had.    

Charlie is boxing like a champion. His heart is moving a million beats per minute. Bailey predicts Charlie's moves in unison. We can see the fight is touching since she is probably reflecting back on her late father and Charlie's relationship as coach and boxer.   

Zeus's creator Tak throws one of the controllers out of the cockpit. He begins to personally operate Zeus. Charlie continues to pound Zeus, knocking him out. The referee counts to 7. Zeus jumps up. 

Charlie guides Atom to punch on Zeus. Zeus grabs Atom's arm. Tak's creation is malfunctioning. Charlie punches with one hand. Bailey yells to knock Zeus out. Zeus almost goes down again, but the bell saves the champ from getting his with an Atom bomb.  

The stadium is rocking to the impressive Atom. Bailey runs to Charlie, revealing a touching ending in an action-packed championship fight. We feel like we're watching Rocky IV all over again. 

The judges read off the score cards. Charlie and Max nervously wait, hoping their Atom will win. We can see in Charlie's face that Atom will not win. However, Charlie looks confident about the outcome. Zeus narrowly wins. Charlie comments that Tak's manager Farra obviously doesn't appear happy. 

Farra mentions that she is happy with the outcome. She says that Zeus is still the champion. The announcer tries to interview Tak, but he races out of the boxing ring in disgust. 

The announcer calls on Max. They say Atom is the people's champion. Max replies back that it sounds good to him. Charlie is proud of his son. Max calls out for his dad.  Charlie tries to tell Max he loves him. We can tell he is shaken up with strong emotions. Max tells his father his secret is safe with him. 

Charlie tells Max to wait there. He turns on Atom. Atom and Charlie walk over to Max. Charlie lifts Max up on his shoulder. Atom stands next to them posing to the crowd. The crowd goes berserk.   

The Real Steel movie ending makes you want to watch the championship fight several times to keep experiencing the magical moment between Atom, Max, Charlie, Bailey, the crowd and the underdog story which conveys the David and Goliath story.

Reel Steel has a great movie ending. You will begin shadow boxing in your living room to relive the awesome movie ending.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Woman in Black movie ending
The Woman in Black features an excellent movie ending. People clapped to the movie ending. The recent end of the world movie The Darkest Hour and the exorcism movie The Devil movie gambled on terrible movie endings that impacted their box office performance.

The Woman in Black movie changed direction to show one of the best movie endings in recent time. The movie ending takes a horrific experience, and then turns it into a happy outcome. The details of the movie ending will be revealed below.

****Movie Ending Spoiler ****

Arthur reunites the woman in black with her deceased son to preserve the life of his own son. He believes the woman in black will forgive the small village. Thus, Arthur's young son will survive. 

The woman in black brainwashed young children to commit suicide. She echoes "never forgive" in her old home. It sets up the movie ending rather well. 

Arthur is excited to see his small son and housekeeper. He is relieved that he can now travel back home with renewed hope about family. Arthur loves his son very much. 

The woman in black appears at the train station. She hypnotizes Arthur's son to wonder away from his dad. Arthur is busy talking to Mr. Daily, a businessman and friend who now believes in superstitious events and ghosts. 

The young son walks on the train tracks. Arthur realizes his son is in major danger. He races over to grab his son seconds before the train smashes into him. Mr. Daily and the housekeeper look on in fear. 

Arthur and his son realize they are both in a dark train station. There are no peeople around. The son sees a woman in a white dress. He asks his father who is that woman? Arthur informs his son that the woman is his mother. The son smiles at his mom who died during his birth. 

The Angel mom, Arthur, and the son walk on the railroad tracks to Heaven. In the background, the evil woman in black watches the family walk on the train tracks. You can sense the woman still remains on a vendetta to continue hypnotizing children to commit suicide. 

The Woman in Black shows a great movie ending. Arthur is unable to cope with the loss of his wife. He is now reunited with his wife in the afterlife. Even better, the son meets his mom for the first time.  Great movie ending!